An easy way to build a successful restaurant business

Are you trying to come up with a good small business idea to make some serious money?

Maybe you’re tired of the job you’re in right now…

you want more money More freedom? Or maybe just more respect! Whatever the reason, what you are reading right now is the solution! In fact, it could be the turning point of your life!

How do you imagine starting and owning your own restaurant heck… How do you feel about owning 50 of them all at the same time!

only with me Everything will be revealed, I promise you this is a great business idea, you will love it…

Imagine you’ve just got back from a hard day’s work and you’re too tired to cook… your stomach is growling, you sit down and see this advert in your local paper…



Chinese, Indian, Creek, Italian, Caribbean, Mexican..

Thai..etc. As a matter of fact


We deliver

Have over 50 menus.

Shipping costs 15%

(minimum charge £2.50)

10:30am – midnight

Call now 08892828


Tempting right?

Do you think you could look past this ad and settle for just a pizza?

I agree!

Now imagine how many orders this one small business has to take in every night?

Add to that the fact that these guys…

o do not have to pay! Rent for a place!

o do not have to pay! Wages for an expensive kitchen/waiter staff!

o do not have to pay! One dime to cover all food production costs…

In fact, the only thing they have to pay for is gas (Oh and phone calls!)

The rest is pure profit!

This simple little business is so easy to set up it’s incredible, and the profits you could make are left to your imagination!

Think about it…all you really need is? a phone and some part-time minimum wage employees. To get started, simply do business with all the good restaurants in your town by offering them a lot of business, assuming you can buy their food at a significant discount.

Then when someone places an order with you, you make money from the food and you make even more money by adding that 15% delivery fee.

This deal gives you all the benefits of owning a restaurant (actually owning 50 restaurants) without the overheads.

I don’t know exactly who came up with this idea. But it’s pure genius!

It’s easy to operate and potentially very profitable. What more do you want?

Well, the great thing about this business, as mentioned in the headline, is that it takes next to nothing to get started. Assuming you have a phone to take orders and call the restaurants, a few friends/workers and the necessary transportation to make deliveries?

You are in business!

With this plan, you can corner the grocery delivery market in your city. And the best part about this plan is that all of your local restaurants you deal with will LOVE you for it!

Because they form a bunch as you grow. This means they will happily endorse your business with the strongest form of word of mouth marketing! and distribute your flyers to all their customers.

Now for those of you who are serious.

Let’s say you put this plan into action tomorrow, you round up your few workers and call all the good restaurants and everyone agrees to your plan. Then place the ad in the local newspaper. And then you wait…

The orders come in by the dozen? it’s really hectic! Cash piles up on the table like mini-mountains, and then, after about the first month…

The honey moons are over!

Your big competition starts noticing the massive drop in their market share and more importantly their profit margin, they start looking for a cause and then they see your ad!

Now. They will probably get very upset about this and want to put you out of business – yes I’m starting to see it too, marketing is like war! – and the easiest way to put a small chain out of business As you know, as a large company you have to go at a price the small fish cannot survive and you are essentially starving!

Spring. The good news is that this won’t happen to you, now that you know your business and more importantly your competition you can beat them!

By hitting them before they hit you!

In self-defense circles we call this a “pre-emptive strike”! Before they get a chance to copy your idea and make money… You can do it first…

Yes. Is correct!

As soon as your first business starts to take off, post another ad just like the one you had before except under a new company name and make a much better offer than the last ad you had before, maybe stress you , only 5% lower shipping costs, or 25% discount for students, or first order half price! Whatever it is, just make sure it’s a much better deal than your last business ad!

o This is important now. Make sure the two ads run at the same time… In the same publication!

The idea is to give your competitors the impression that this niche is already crowded, that another company has already jumped in and undercut you before they could get a chance. This is how it looks from their point of view when you are really the soul fish in that pool and making absolute slaying of the winnings!

By owning and operating both the original business and the very profitable copycat version!

What are you waiting for? The money is on the table. So pick it up!

Thank you for reading..

If you’re serious, get in NOW before someone else does! (If you don’t do it, someone else will!

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